Mass Flow Monitoring
 for Natural Gas, Oil and Oil Products

Oilmeters and Gas Meters

Russias economic growth over the last five years has been fueled primarily by  the boom in Russian oil and gas production. Mass flow monitoring for natural gas, oil and oil products requre's an accurate mass flow measurements of oil products during storage for tanks and transportation through trunk and technological pipelines. 
       The "Centrpribor" LLC is manufacturer and supplier on ultrasonic flow meters successful in measuring all types of liquids including  hydraulic oil, condensate, petroleum products (the oilmeter "Centrosonic"), natural gas (gas meters "Goboy") and some others. All of our flowmeters are spoolpiece mounting type, using transit-time differential method  for measurements of flow. ZAO "Centrpribor" has taken out 4 patents for inventions and useful models. Our oil and gas meters being successfully applied at several Russian plants are in process of the permanent upgrade. 

Mass measurement in petrolium industry
Oil meter (mass flow meter) "Centrosonic"
Ultrasonic gas meters Goboy-1


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